Local associations


The Urantia Association of Canada is composed of two local associations, one of English language situated in Vancouver, BC, Urantia Association of the Cascades and another one, of French language situated in St-Jerome, QC, Association Urantia du Quebec.  

A local association can be chartered when there is a sufficient number of readers (10) within a specific region and when those readers wish to come together in order to serve the growing community of readers of The Urantia Book. want to help create more study groups, have a desire to participate in the orderly dissemination of The Urantia Book and its teachings and have a desire to organize events and colaborate to the dissemination of  The Urantia Book in poor countries.

 Groups of ten or more of readers of The Urantia Book can in any province of Canada form a local association et become affiliated with Urantia Association International and so participate in the mission of the Revelation in a dynamic and coherente manner

If you are part of a group of readers and wish to form an association in your area, you can contact us by email

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